We want our customers to have the best experience with our company. This is why our main focus is on producing quality products.

That said, we also want to inform you about our policies so that there is no confusion. In this section, we'll be taking you through our Returns Policy. 

1. Non-Returnable Items

If you want to return an item, we will oblige only if it follows our criteria:

●The item has been with you for LESS than 14 days. Our product warranty lasts for 14 days. 

●The item is brand new. We won't accept it if it has already been worn down. 

●The item is NOT a customized order. We will only accept these returns if the item arrives on your doorstep defective or incorrect. 

2. Returns Process & Time Frame

If your item follows our return criteria, you can send it back to us with these steps:

●Inform us. Tell us what item you would like to return and the reason why you're returning it. 

●Repack the item. Make sure you pack it in its original packaging. 

●Add the details. This should include the order number and our return address (which we will send you via email).

●Send the package back to us from your local post office. 

●Send the tracking number our way so we can keep track of it. 

Keep in mind, it may take several days (around 7-15 business days) before the return package enters transit. After that, it may take us another 7-15 business days to process the return. 

Don't worry. We will keep you informed throughout. 

As for your refund, it may take 7-14 business days to process through credit card and 48 hours through Paypal. 

3. Order Address 

When ordering from our company, we ask that you always put your address in full detail. We don't want any confusion with this so we can deliver it right up your doorstep. 

If you fail to put a detailed address and we can't find your location, the item will be returned. In this case, you get a 50% refund. 

If you put a detailed address but the package doesn't arrive, check it out with your local post office. If it still doesn't arrive, we can only offer a 30% refund. 

4. Return Shipping Fees

When it comes to our shipping fees, here are two things you should know:

●You pay for ALL the shipping fees (including return and exchange shipping fees).

●We do not offer shipping fee refunds.

5. Order Cancellation 

If you decide to back out on your order, you can get a full refund if you paid in less than 24 hours. 

However, once it passes 24 hours (and your item(s) isn't shipped out yet), we will ask for a cancellation fee. Our cancellation fee is 20% of your payment. 

If we already shipped your item(s) out, you will not be able to cancel the order anymore. 

To cancel an order, you can email us at

6. Damaged Or Lost Order

If the items are damaged or lost during delivery, we will offer a replacement shipment, or a refund to you if you don't want to wait.You can contact us if the package has not arrived 20 business days from the due delivery date.