1.Where can the cookie cutters be used ?

Cutting out cookies, sandwiches, bread, fondant, jelly, cheese, soft fruits, pancakes, soap or Plasticine.

2.Why choose our product ?

Our cutter can cut a clear, precise shape and can cut many things such as the fondant, gum paste, cookie dough.

3.Can the cookie cutters be customized ?

We can customize it by 3D printing according to your requirement.

4.What is our return policy ?

We can't offer refunds because of the nature of our products. However, if you have any questions, you can contact us by email.

5.What is our cleaning instructions ?

Wash it using warm water and soap. Leave to air dry. Don’t put the product in the dishwasher because it’s shape can be distorted. Avoid direct sunlight when you store it.

6.How can I place an order ?

Simply choose the cookie cutter you like and add it to your shopping cart. Then you can click on “checkout” and follow the instructions. 

7.How can I get the discounts and the latest sales?

Sign up for our newsletter and receive the latest updates on discounts and sales.

8.Is it in stock at the online shop ?

The Cutters are printed as they are ordered. We do not keep a stock of printed cutters on hand.